Introducing In Game VIP Account!


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    Introducing In Game VIP Account!

    Post by Nocturnal on Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:54 pm


    This was meant to be implemented last season but because of some bugs we had to delay. Now on this new Season Update this system is ready to roll! the VIP Account service can also be obtained from events that will be posted soon so everyone will have chance to be VIP in game.

    Current VIP Features:

    1. Access to VIP MuHelper

    * Auto attack for easier leveling with configurable skills
    * If health is low MuHelper will use pot for you.

    2. Access to PeaceSwamp Map

    * This map will contain a lot of Kundun and Erohim
    * This map will have 10% higher drop rate compare to other maps

    3. 10% Higher Excellent Drop rate of all in all maps and server ( vip account activated )
    4. 10% Higher Rate on Chaos Machine in all maps and server ( vip account activated )
    5. +1 Bonus Drop rate on custom drop in all maps and server ( bonus drop is 1/100, VIP accounts will be 2/100 )
    6. Unlimited PK you will not have PK status in all maps and server

    - The VIP is account wide activation meaning it is activated wherever server you are.

    Cost: 10$ per month only!

    To subscribe for VIP please visit: http://zhyper.mudonation.com then click VIP Account then input your Login name.

    Thank you,

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