New Automated Events


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    New Automated Events

    Post by Nocturnal on Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:56 pm


    We would like to introduce you our 2 New Custom Automated Event!

    1. Bring me Event

    Santa NPC in lorencia fountain will appear 5 minutes before the event starts, he will ask you to bring him random item and the first person to bring him that item will receive 2 cash points and pack of Jewel of Life!

    The event is 5 round and it is scheduled for 3 times a day.

    1st Event: 10am GMT+8
    2nd Event: 6pm GMT+8
    3rd Event: 9pm GMT+8

    2. Hunting Event

    There will be 3 boss mobs pretending to be 1 of the other normal mobs ( same skin ) but they will have x3000 Damage and Defense multiplier with 90 million HP and you have 15 minutes to Hunt and Kill them!

    The winner of this event will receive 2 cash points reward!

    This event is scheduled for 3 times a day

    1st Event: 11am GMT+8
    2nd Event: 5pm GMT+8
    3rd Event: 10pm GMT+8

    As you may wonder why we are giving cash points as reward? well this is just promo reward prize so join the event now!


    Gamble Event

    Jewel Gamble is now again working and the gamble jewel will now be 1 stack of Jewel of Chaos or Jewel of Life.


    /betjoc ( bet 1 stack Jewel of Chaos)
    /betjol ( bet 1 stack Jewel of Life )

    Warning once you placed bet you cannot cancel it anymore.


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