Welcome to ZhyperU Season 6 Episode 3!


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    Welcome to ZhyperU Season 6 Episode 3!

    Post by Nocturnal on Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:59 pm

    ZhyperMU Season 6 Episode 3

    New Features:

    * Extended Inventory System

    * You will need the Magic Bag in order to activate your inventory expansion, the Magic Bag drops from all mobs starting level 115.

    * New Maps

    * New Rage Fighter Set and Weapon

    New Rage Fighter Skill Tree
    * Fixed Rage Fighter Buffs
    * New Max Master Level 440 (unlock all skills
    * Bug fixes on characters
    * Bug fixes on item drops
    * Bug fixes on events
    * Bug fixes on Castle Siege
    * Gambling will now be in service again
    * Fixed lot of exploits in game
    * Server optimization to prevent in game lags
    * Pots now have half second cool down this is mainly to avoid auto pots cheats and tunneling exploits.
    * Dragon Spear is now 1 handed.
    * Jewel Gambler now again working
    * Bring me event ( Automated )
    * Hunt and Kill Boss ( Automated )
    * Fixed exploits on trade hack / scam
    * Improved Anti Dupe
    * Max Master Level is now 440 (unlock all skill) You need to Reset Skill Tree on Web
    * Improved MuGuard System
    * Fixed Problems with ATI Video Cards

    and many more...

    See you in game!

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