Grand reset service


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    Grand reset service

    Post by Nocturnal on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:02 pm


    Please be advised that Grand Reset event has it's own sub-section now.
    This will be a short guide for all members on how to request for it and what they need to follow.

    1st. Here is the list of exchange rate:
    - 150 Resets: 600 Credit Points
    - 200 Resets: 750 Credit Points

    - 250 Resets: 1000 Credit Points
    - 300 Resets: 1500 Credit Points

    - 450 Resets: 2000 Credit Points
    - 600 Resets: 2500 Credit Points

    - 750 Resets: 3000 Credit Points, plus 1 FS character*
    - 900 Resets: 3500 Credit Points, plus 2 FS character(s)*

    - 1050 Resets: 4000 Credit Points, 1 Month Hardcore Tag (only the tag) and 2 FS character(s)*

    You need to submit this form: click

    *User must provide this information with his request, otherwise the user won't receive the FS character(s) and/or the hardcore tag.

    Please keep the following rules and tips on your mind.
    - Do not bump your thread, bumping your thread will automatically get your request closed.
    - Follow the format or your request will be closed

    - You need to log off the account while we process your request
    - This takes between 1h up to 36h (hours)
    - If the account is online, you'll be forced to submit a new request and probably lose the chance to exchange your resets.

    - Avoid the usage of characters and usernames with special characters such as underscore __ etc.
    - Do not create multiple threads.

    - Please remember that you need to vote with your account at least a single time before receiving the credits.

    Grand Reset Status: OFFICIALLY OPEN

    Here is the form

    Username :
    Password :
    Master Key :
    Character Name :
    How many Resets would you like to exchange :
    Image of your Character :

    Send me a message with this form

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