Grand Credit Points exchange system HOT!!!


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    Grand Credit Points exchange system HOT!!!

    Post by Nocturnal on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:15 pm

    Hello everyone, as we promised we just launched a brand new system which you gonna love.
    We thought to offer you a way of having Full Option items without donating for them, just voting.
    Yea you've heard me right, with this new system we gonna exchange your Credit Points into Cash Points...

    How we gonna do this?

    Is quiet easy, in stead of giving away large amounts of Credit Points for example almost 1.000 Credit Points for a 2 option item you can now buy with that Credit points a Full option item.

    Here is the list with the prices that you can use on your request of exchanging the Credit Points.

    The list will be limited, and there are different subscriptions:

    1 - 1.500 Credit Points = 20 Cash Points
    2 - 3.000 Credit Points = 40 Cash Points
    3 - 6.000 Credit Points = 70 Cash Points
    4 - 10.000 Credit Points = 110 Cash Points
    5 - 20.000 Credit Points = 250 Cash Points

    This is the official list of exchange system.

    Now you guys probably think is too much but lets take it technically and practically, you are almost giving away daily almost 1.000 Credit Points for a 2 opt item +13, We can say that this is for your own benefits.

    Let's compare a 2 option helm from Market mall which isnt even +15 or 3 options (for this you will spend over 1.200 CPs)

    and a Full option helm from Cash Points market

    Together with this system comes some rules when requesting for exchange.

    1. A request means only one (1) email/subscription request (One from the official list from above)

    2. This system will be opened at every time we Reache vote goal.

    3. We will grant only first 20 request and no more/no less

    4. The request will be sent to a single senior (only)

    5. If you do not follow the correct/official format your request will be ignored.

    6. If you are caught cheating on requesting for exchange can lead you to 1 Month account ban.

    7. You are not allowed to request a subscription from the system if you are including more than 1 account from which the Credit points to be deducted.

    Grand Credit Points : OFFICIALY OPEN

    Here is the official format to be filled when sending your request.

    Username :
    Password :
    Master Key :
    Credit Points to be deducted:
    Cash Points to be added:
    Screenshot of Total amount of Credit Points:

    Send me a message with this form

    So what are you waiting for? vote and gain big amounts of Credit Points to exchange them for Cash Points Now!

    Enjoy the new service and happy gaming.

    ZhyperMU Administration

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